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Apart-hotel and apartments: what is it and how is it different from a hotel?

For travelers who are not satisfied with staying in a regular hotel, the services of apartments or apart-hotels often become a more attractive offer. What does this word mean? If the room has a full kitchen, equipped with everything necessary – dishes, stove, refrigerator, other household appliances – then it is usually called an apartment. It can consist of one large studio room or several rooms for different purposes, like a full-fledged apartment. A hotel complex consisting only of apartments is an apart-hotel.

What are the differences from a hotel?

Accommodation in a regular hotel or inn provides the guest with a comfortable sleeping place and relieves him of many worries. He does not need to worry about cleanliness, since the room is cleaned by the maid. You don’t have to wash bed linen, and during long stays, your own clothes. In large hotels there is a laundry service for this purpose, in small hotels there is an outsourcing organization that accepts things for washing. But there are also many restrictions for the guest: for example, to eat, you have to go to a restaurant or order dishes to your room, you cannot bring a pet with you, etc.

The main difference between an apart-hotel and a regular hotel format is the structure of the rooms. All of them are, in fact, separate apartments, fully prepared for guests to stay. Accordingly, living in such a room is much more comfortable and freer than in a regular hotel. There is no need to give your clothes to someone to wash and wait several days for them to be returned, since a washing machine and dryer are a mandatory element of the apartment equipment. You can cook your own food, as in a regular apartment, for which there is a fully equipped kitchen.

However, if you don’t have time to do all this or just don’t feel like it, just contact the service staff, who will take on household responsibilities. As a rule, there is an administrator desk in the lobby, which you can contact at any time of the day to solve your everyday problems.

Aparthotel and apartments

Let’s start by defining what an apart-hotel is – This is a hotel consisting of apartments instead of rooms. Each of these apartments is called an apartment, although it may consist of only one studio room. Legislative standards specify the minimum equipment of apartments with furniture and household appliances.

They differ in the level of hotel service, which is practically absent in residential properties, and varies widely in commercial properties, depending on the class and amount of payment.

Pros and cons of an apart-hotel

Many travelers choose to stay in an apartment rather than a hotel, taking advantage of the benefits of this type of temporary housing. Among the advantages of Apart Hotel are:

  • the opportunity to use hotel services;
  • convenient location in prestigious areas, business or historical center;
  • developed internal infrastructure – the presence of a restaurant, swimming pool, gym, hairdresser, spa, etc.;
  • convenient layout, fully equipped rooms with everything necessary for a comfortable life;
  • higher level of confidentiality and privacy than in a regular hotel;
  • the opportunity to bring a pet with you.

Features of accommodation and booking

The rules of residence are established individually, in accordance with the decision of the owners. Therefore, it is necessary to first study what the apart-hotel offers, how it differs from other apartments, and most importantly, whether the restrictions set for residents are suitable for you. For example, there may be a ban on keeping large dogs or holding large parties.


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