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A guide to Saint Vlas, where there is a gentle sea, mountain air, a favorable climate, a good place to relax with children.

Общественный транспорт в Святом Власе

My story will be about a city and seaside resort in Bulgaria called St. Vlas, located on the Black Sea coast.

It is perfect for a holiday with small children and for those holidaymakers who just want to swim in the sea, breathe in the mountain air, get a beautiful tan, and relax in Bulgaria without the fuss.

St. Vlas is also known as a climatic resort – since 1963, every season it welcomes those who want to relax in a unique microclimate.

One of the youngest resorts in Bulgaria is St. Vlas. Its active development took place in the early 2000s, and in a short time the city turned into a place for a comfortable family vacation. Saint Vlas is also known as a climatic resort – since 1963, every season it welcomes those who want to relax in a unique microclimate and breathe pine air

Climate of Saint Vlas

Surrounded on one side by coniferous forests and on the other by the sea, St. Vlas attracts with its mild climate and healthy air, which has a positive effect on the respiratory system. The holiday season here begins in May and ends in October. In summer, the average temperature is +27 °C, the sea warms up to +25 °C.

Climate of St. Vlas

Holidays in Saint Vlas

Beach holidays are the goal of all tourists coming to the resort of St. Vlas. Its coastline is almost entirely covered with fine, clean sand. The coast is divided into several long bays, which are convenient for swimming. The first is located near the Old Town – a narrow strip between the sea and a chain of hotel complexes.

The second bay is located behind the pier, and there is a place for everyone. And next to the central beach you can find a quiet sand and pebble area. All beaches have cafes, rental shops and sports grounds.

Holidays in Saint Vlas

Saint Vlas will be a good place for a recreational holiday. The resort has a treatment center where climatotherapy is successfully combined with treatment with mineral waters and special spa treatments. Wellness holidays for children are also available.

Sights and excursions

There are no significant attractions in St. Vlas, but there are still several interesting places. In 2007, the main city church of St. Blaise was built. It took the place of a monastery built in the 3rd century and destroyed by the Turks in the 17th century. Some of the saint’s relics were brought here from Istanbul, which tourists and townspeople come to venerate. The temple itself became the architectural pearl of St. Vlas. It decorates the resort with a golden dome that shimmers in the sun, and inside you can admire paintings on the theme of biblical scenes.

Sights and excursions
Church of St. Blaise

Dinevi Marina is a popular place for relaxation and walking. But it is also notable for its memorial, which recalls the difficult pages of Bulgarian history. It bears the names of those citizens who fell in bloody battles, as well as historical figures who helped the country gain independence.

In the city center there is an alley dedicated to famous Bulgarians. The new attraction instantly turned into a place for quiet walks, and at the same time into an open-air cultural center. The alley is immortalized with names, quotes and short biographies of politicians, saints and scientists.


Amphitheater Arena, Saint Vlas
Amphitheater Arena, Saint Vlas

Next to the beach is the Arena amphitheater with excellent acoustics and magnificent views of the sea. Performances are regularly staged here, festivals, national holidays and children’s entertainment programs are held.

Near St. Vlas there are Sunny Beach and Nessebar , which can be reached by bicycle. Nessebar is the birthplace of the most ancient civilizations that once inhabited Bulgaria. It has preserved many monuments. The old town has a unique atmosphere and attracts with its ancient port, fortress walls, ancient houses and wooden buildings of the 19th century. Nessebar is distinguished by a large number of churches from different eras, many of which have preserved carved iconostases and valuable relics. The city also has museums with extensive collections and a large water park. It is recommended to visit Sunny Beach for its wide sandy beaches and entertainment.

Nessebar, Bulgaria
Nessebar, Bulgaria

There are numerous travel agencies in St. Vlas, at whose offices you can purchase excursions. One of the most inexpensive is horseback riding around the city. It is often chosen by tourists with children. It is also possible to combine a holiday in Bulgaria with a trip to Turkey. Excursions to Istanbul depart from St. Vlas . The choice is wide: you can choose a shopping tour or give preference to a program rich in visiting Istanbul attractions. This excursion lasts 1-3 days.

Shopping in Saint Vlas

Since Sveti Vlas is a small city, you should not expect an abundance of shopping centers or shops. There are supermarkets, souvenir shops and markets in the resort area. There are several boutiques in the center of St. Vlas and in the yacht harbor area. Near it there are five-star hotels with shops selling gold and silver items. For clothes, accessories and quality shoes, it is better to go to Sunny Beach, where the Royal Beach shopping center operates with 150 shops, and cafe.

When it comes to gifts from St. Vlas, tourists usually buy traditional Bulgarian souvenirs. These include rose cosmetics (including rose oil and perfume), sweets (Lukum, halva), honey, wine, embroidered napkins and tablecloths, copper products, leather bags and wallets. In St. Vlas there are several shops with ceramic souvenirs – glazed cups, plates, baking pots. In general, goods in St. Vlas, as in any resort, are divided into inexpensive mass-produced products and truly unique souvenirs.

The best restaurants in St. Vlas

Hospitable Saint Vlas has prepared many cafes and restaurants designed for every taste. Among the best restaurants is Kotva , whose menu includes grilled dishes, desserts, fresh seafood, homemade wine and a whole variety of traditional Bulgarian dishes. The Vodopadi restaurant will offer the famous sach, a dish cooked in a special type of clay frying pan. The restaurant’s menu includes meat and fish net, grilled fish, kebabs, homemade brandy, and salads.

Another restaurant that has earned high ratings from tourists is Siana . They offer fish steaks, soups, salads, and seafood. Also worth a visit is The Balkan restaurant . Its menu includes homemade wine, a wide selection of fish dishes, mussels in sauce, risotto, vegetable salads and traditional Bulgarian soups.

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