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Pregnancy and massage: Professional advice and benefits of massage treatments

Бременност и масаж

The period of pregnancy is a special moment in the life of the expectant mother, which requires special care and attention to her health and well-being. One of the ways to provide comfort and improve your self-confidence during pregnancy is massage. In this article, we will look at what types of massage are allowed during pregnancy, and why it is important to contact a professional.

Benefits of massage during pregnancy

After three months of pregnancy, massage becomes one of the ways to ease the burden on the body of the expectant mother. Massage arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders, helps prevent pain, reduce otokite and improve blood circulation. During massage, the body produces endorphins, so-called "happiness hormones", which increase mood and reduce stress and anxiety.

Consulting a doctor is the first step

However, it is important to remember that self-determination of massage procedures during pregnancy is unacceptable. The decision to massage should only be made after consulting a doctor who will take into account the characteristics of your body and the development of pregnancy.

Indications for massage during pregnancy

Massage during pregnancy can be recommended in the following cases::

  1. Otoki massage helps reduce otokitis and improve lymphatic drainage.
  2. Osteochondrosis – pregnancy can increase this problem, and massage can relieve pain and discomfort.
  3. Problems with the spine-massage helps to relax the muscles and reduce tension in the spine.
  4. The need to improve blood circulation-massage improves blood circulation, which is important for the health and development of the child.
  5. Fatigue and stress-massage helps to relax and reduce nervous tension.

Key recommendations

It is important to remember that during pregnancy: massage must be restricted. As a rule, it is recommended to hold no more than 1-2 classes per week and the duration of each session should not exceed half an hour. These restrictions help ensure safe massage treatments during pregnancy.


Massage during pregnancy can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience that helps improve the well-being of the expectant mother. However, you should pay attention and be sure to consult a doctor before starting massage sessions. A professional massage therapist with experience working with pregnant women can offer appropriate massage types and intensities to ensure your health and comfort during this important period in your life.

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