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Gastronomic delights in Sveti Vlas: World Cuisine of the Bulgarian Kraybrezhi

Многообразие от Кухни в Свети Влас

Sveti Vlas, like other Black Sea resorts in Bulgaria, is known for its variety of culinary delights. Nevertheless, here you can not only taste Bulgarian traditional cuisine, but also plunge into the world cuisine in the restaurants of St. Petersburg. Vlas. Japanese sushi restaurants in an Italian pizzeria, here you will find everything that your refined heart desires.


A Variety of Cuisines in Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas attracts its guests with a variety of culinary delights from all over the world. This resort offers not only the opportunity to taste traditional Bulgarian dishes prepared with attention to detail, but also expands the gourmet experience with world-class culinary principles.


Bulgarian Cuisine

When visiting Sveti Vlas, don't forget to try traditional Bulgarian dishes prepared with special attention to detail. Among the recommendations of experienced tourists are:

  1. TaratorSummer soup based on sour milk and cucumbers, with the addition of garlic and naryazanat freski vlasinska zeleny. This refreshing soup is perfect for chilling on hot summer days.
  2. Banitsa: A traditional Bulgarian omelet that can be prepared with a variety of planki, both meat and vegetarian. This delicacy fully reflects the richness of Bulgarian cuisine.
  3. Shopsky salad: Famous salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, white cheese (Bulgarian variety of feta cheese) and garlic. A great addition to any menu.
  4. Kebab Shop: Meat kebabs baked on an open fire, which can not be omitted, are popular in Bulgarian restaurants.


In The World Of Fragrances

In addition to traditional Bulgarian cuisine, you can also enjoy world cuisine in Sveti Vlas. Japanese sushi, Italian pizza and other international dishes are served at the resort's restaurant. A gourmet extension to try while you're at this beautiful place.

It is important to note that portions in St. Vlas restaurants are usually quite large, about 300-400 grams, so do not be ashamed to share dishes with friends or family. The exquisite experience in Sveti Vlas promises not only to be delicious, but also diverse, satisfying even the most refined tastes.

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