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Places you should visit if you are going to St. Vlas for the first time.

Sveti Vlas is a picturesque resort on the Black Sea coast, which attracts tourists with its beauty and rich history. If you are planning to visit this wonderful place, don't miss our guide to its main attractions.

  1. Marina Dinevi Yacht Marinas: One of the main attractions of Sveti Vlas yachtenata marina Dinevi marina. Here you can see the luxury yachts that enter the vdlj on the Black Sea coast. The marinade is designed to run on 250 yachts, and the maximum length of the container can reach up to 25 meters. Walk along the embankment, you will feel the atmosphere of the city, and you will see many memorable signs dedicated to historical figures of Bulgaria. This marina makes Sveti Vlas look like the French Riviera.
  2. St. Blasius Church: Progledayki old town, do not forget to visit the church of "St. Blasius". This temple was built in 2007 on the site of an ancient monastery and is a real decoration of the city center. Inside the church are sacred relics, including the relics of Saint Blasius and part of the life-giving cross on which Jesus was crucified. This place is ideal for spiritual reflection and prayer.
  3. Arena Amphitheater: The center of cultural life of Sveti Vlas is the Arena amphitheater. In summer, various events are held here, including concerts of creative groups, folk performers, festivals and competitions. This amphitheater creates a unique atmosphere and offers a variety of entertainment for visitors.

Sveti Vlas is not just a resort with beautiful beaches and the sea, but also a place with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Visiting these attractions will allow you to dive deeper into the atmosphere, it is a great place to create unforgettable memories from your vacation in Bulgaria.

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