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Spring holidays in Bulgaria: Traditions, customs and holidays

Пролетни празници в България Традиции, обичаи и празници

Spring in Bulgaria is a time of joy, hope and traditional holidays that reflect the rich cultural and historical heritage of the country. In this article, we will look at some of the most significant spring holidays in Bulgaria, their traditions and customs and how modern Bulgarians celebrate.

Какво да носете като сувенири от българия

1. Baba Marta

The Baba Marta holiday, celebrated on March 1, is one of the most popular and favorite spring holidays in Bulgaria. On this day, Bulgarians give each other "martenizi" - beautiful bracelets or brooches made of red and white lace or yarn. This custom symbolizes the arrival of spring and wishes you good luck and health.

2. Liberation Day Bulgaria

Bulgaria's Liberation Day, celebrated on March 3, is a national holiday commemorating the victory of the Bulgarian people in the War of Liberation against the Ottoman Empire in 1878. On this day, the country hosts festive events, military parades and wreath-laying ceremonies at monuments to heroes.

български празници

3. Easter

Easter is one of the most important religious holidays in Bulgaria. It is celebrated according to the Orthodox calendar, and each year falls on a different date. On Easter Eve, Bulgaria hosts various rituals and traditions, such as painting eggs in bright colors and baking cakes and reindeer.

4. Lazarovden

Lazarovsky holiday, which is celebrated on Sunday, a week before Easter. On this day, Bulgarians organize traditional feasts and festive dinners, which serve traditional Bulgarian dishes such as kebapche and lasagna.

5. Todorovym

Todorov or Teodorovsky is celebrated on March 6. On this day, Bulgarians traditionally organize horse races and folk festivals, as well as exchange of wishes and gifts.


What other holidays are celebrated in spring in Bulgaria?

In spring, Bulgaria also celebrates holidays dedicated to grandparents, International Women's Day and Labor Day.

How are holidays held in modern Bulgaria?

Modern Bulgarians celebrate spring holidays as family and social events, often involving traditional customs and rituals, but also according to current trends and entertainment.

What are the culinary traditions of celebrating spring holidays in Bulgaria?

During the spring holidays in Bulgaria, traditional dishes are prepared, such as pies, kapama, cakes and much more, which symbolize abundance and joy.

Spring holidays in Bulgaria are an important part of the country's cultural heritage and reflect the rich traditions and customs of the Bulgarian people. Visiting Bulgaria during the spring holidays is a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of this amazing country, and to see its culture and traditions in all their glory.

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